American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

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American National Standards Institute (ANSI)


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is the national standards body for the United States. ANSI, through its accredited standards committees, maintains the standards for all applications of technology and mechanics in U.S. industries. Business documents in the U.S. are often referred to by their ANSI codes, such as 850 (PO – Purchase Order), 810 (Invoice), and 856 (ASN – Advance Ship Notice).


ANSI plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining technical standards in a wide range of fields, including EDI. Standardization through ANSI ensures compatibility, interoperability, and efficiency in business communications among trading partners. By defining and implementing specific ANSI standards, such as the document codes mentioned above, the process of exchanging business information in a standardized and structured format is facilitated.

A common use case of ANSI standards in EDI is the management of orders and the invoicing process between trading partners. For example, using the ANSI 850 (Purchase Order) standard allows a supplier to receive a detailed order from a customer in a standardized format. Then, utilizing the ANSI 810 (Invoice) standard, the supplier can generate a corresponding invoice and transmit it to the customer. This process ensures consistency and efficiency in the exchange of business information between parties.

Sample Script Code:

import ediconnect

def generate_purchase_order():
# ANSI 850 – Purchase Order
purchase_order = ediconnect.create_document(“850”)
# Add specific order details
# …
return purchase_order

def generate_invoice():
# ANSI 810 – Invoice
invoice = ediconnect.create_document(“810”)
# Add specific invoice details
# …
return invoice

# Example usage of ANSI standards in the EDI process
purchase_order = generate_purchase_order()
invoice = generate_invoice()

# Send the order to the trading partner

# Send the invoice to the trading partner

Best Practices

  1. Understand relevant ANSI standards: Familiarize yourself with the ANSI standards relevant to your industry and ensure their proper implementation in your EDI processes.
  2. Use appropriate ANSI codes: Ensure that you use the correct ANSI codes to identify specific business documents such as purchase orders (850), invoices (810), and advance ship notices (856).
  3. Implement a robust EDI system: Integration with an EDI solution like EDIconnect facilitates the generation, transmission, and processing of documents according to ANSI standards. This ensures consistency and efficiency in data exchange among trading partners.

EDIconnect is a recognized EDI solution provider that offers support for implementing ANSI standards in electronic data interchange. Through their advanced platform and expertise in the field, EDIconnect is the ideal partner for implementing ANSI standards and improving operational efficiency in electronic data interchange.