American National Standards Institute, Accredited Standards Committee X12

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American National Standards Institute, Accredited Standards Committee X12


American National Standards Institute, Accredited Standards Committee X12 (ANSI ASC X12) is a national standards body for the United States. The X12 committee, consisting of government and industry members, is responsible for developing and updating the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards used in the exchange of electronic data between organizations.


ANSI ASC X12 plays a crucial role in facilitating electronic business communications by defining and promoting EDI standards. These standards cover a wide range of business documents and transactions, including purchase orders, invoices, advance ship notices, status messages, and many more. By adopting the ANSI ASC X12 standards, organizations can ensure interoperability and efficiency in their business data exchange.

One use case of the ANSI ASC X12 standards is the management of purchase orders between a supplier and a retailer. Using messages compliant with the X12 standards, such as the 850 (Purchase Order) and 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgement), the supplier can automatically send the order details to the retailer and receive confirmation in return. This automated process reduces errors and processing time, enhancing efficiency in the supply chain.

Script Code Example:

import ediconnect

def send_purchase_order(purchase_order):
# Transform the purchase order into X12 850 format
x12_message = ediconnect.transform_to_x12(purchase_order, ‘850’)
# Send the X12 message to the retailer

def process_purchase_order_acknowledgement(acknowledgement):
# Transform the order acknowledgement message into X12 855 format
x12_message = ediconnect.transform_to_x12(acknowledgement, ‘855’)
# Process the order acknowledgement message
# …

# Example of using ANSI ASC X12 standards in the order management process
purchase_order = {
‘order_number’: ‘PO123456’,
‘customer’: ‘Retailer ABC’,
‘items’: [
{‘product_code’: ‘P123’, ‘quantity’: 10},
{‘product_code’: ‘P456’, ‘quantity’: 5},
# …

# Send the purchase order

# Process the order acknowledgement from the retailer
acknowledgement = {
‘order_number’: ‘PO123456’,
‘status’: ‘Accepted’,
‘estimated_delivery_date’: ‘2023-07-01’,
# …


Best Practices:

  1. Document X12 standards: Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the specifications and structure of X12 messages before implementing them in your EDI solution.
  2. Use EDI libraries and platforms: Utilize specialized EDI libraries and platforms like EDIconnect that facilitate the transformation and transmission of messages according to the ANSI ASC X12 standards.
  3. Test and validate messages: Conduct rigorous testing and validation of X12 messages to ensure compliance and data accuracy before transmitting them to trading partners.

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