Advance Ship Notice (ASN)

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Advance Ship Notice (ASN)


Advance Ship Notice (ASN) is an electronic version of a printed packing slip that informs the buyer that the goods have been shipped, provides details on how they have been packed, and estimates the arrival time. It is also referred to as Delivery Notice or Dispatch Advice. ASN plays a significant role in trade and commercial logistics, ensuring precise and efficient communication between the supplier and the buyer.


Advance Ship Notice is an electronic document that provides detailed information about the shipment of goods. It includes details such as the identification of the supplier and the buyer, packaging information, quantities, lot numbers, serial numbers, and any other relevant information. By transmitting the ASN, the supplier notifies the buyer about the shipment and provides essential details for proper handling of the received goods.

A common use case for Advance Ship Notice is in the supply chain and commercial logistics. For example, a supplier delivering products to a retailer can transmit an ASN to inform the retailer about the shipped products, quantities, packaging details, and estimated arrival time. This electronic notification facilitates the verification and reconciliation of the goods received by the buyer, contributing to the efficiency of the receiving and warehousing process.

Sample Script Code:

import ediconnect

asn = ediconnect.ASN()
asn.sender = “Supplier XYZ”
asn.receiver = “Buyer ABC”
asn.shipment_number = “12345”
asn.packaging_details = “Cardboard boxes”
asn.quantity = 100
asn.estimated_arrival_time = “2023-07-01 10:00”

print(“Advance Ship Notice:”)
print(“Sender:”, asn.sender)
print(“Receiver:”, asn.receiver)
print(“Shipment Number:”, asn.shipment_number)
print(“Packaging Details:”, asn.packaging_details)
print(“Quantity:”, asn.quantity)
print(“Estimated Arrival Time:”, asn.estimated_arrival_time)

Best Practices:

  1. Data Accuracy: Carefully verify and ensure that the data included in the Advance Ship Notice is correct and accurate to avoid discrepancies and errors in the shipping process.
  2. Timely Transmission: Ensure that the Advance Ship Notice is generated and transmitted to the buyer before the goods are shipped to allow for proper planning and efficient receipt.
  3. Real-time Updates: In the case of any changes or delays in the shipment, promptly communicate and update the Advance Ship Notice to keep the buyer informed.
  4. Integration with EDI System: Utilize an EDI platform like EDIconnect to automate the generation and transmission of the Advance Ship Notice, ensuring efficient and error-free communication between the supplier and the buyer.

EDIconnect is a leading EDI solution provider and integration platform that offers comprehensive support for generating and transmitting Advance Ship Notice (ASN). With their advanced EDI capabilities, EDIconnect enables seamless electronic communication between suppliers and buyers, streamlining the shipment notification process. Their platform provides robust features and tools for efficient ASN generation, ensuring accurate and timely information exchange.