EDI Solutions for Retailers- Electronic Data Interchange

Retail businesses have been exchanging documents in electronic format for over 30 years. The retail industry is now more competitive than ever. Globalization, diversifying the distribution channels and, most importantly, changing preferences and customer demand contributed to creating difficult environment in which retailers are struggling to make profit.

Driven by price competitiveness requirements while at the same time striving to obtain profitability, large retailers are permanently trying to cut back on costs and to be efficient when it comes to processing trading documents from and to the supply chain.

As a result, innovative IT solutions have become crucial in the attempt to improve efficiency, gain a competitive edge on the market and maintain customer satisfaction in order to increase profitability.

In order to meet these needs and expectations we have prepared and launched a series of cutting-edge services:

Business to Business Integration (B2B)

We offer precise real-time information regarding the supply chain to both internal and external units, to logistics suppliers, clearance agents and buyers, thus eliminating delays, errors and the labor from isolated processes and systems, as well as the manual processing of order folders.

Electronic Data Interchange – EDI

The ability to send and receive orders, invoices, advance ship notices, delivery plans, as well as the logistic service provider’s instructions regarding the distribution channel (centralized, straight-to-store delivery or cross-platform) and the used indicators as well (stock-keeping units (SKUs),  universal product codes (UPCs) / global trade item numbers, scorecards, EAN/UCC-128 labels, VIC- and RFID-based bill of ladings).

Cataloguing services

Synchronising product information with suppliers (Master Data Sincronization)

Electronic invoicing and archiving (products)

Supplier electronic invoicing and archiving by definitively eliminating paper

Electronic invoicing and archiving (marketing services)

Supplier electronic invoicing and archiving by definitively eliminating paper

Real-time electronic reporting

This capability enables you to forecast and plan by integrating with the EDIconnect platform (payment register, stocks, centralized sales information with trading partners).


Our team is at your disposal with any other details you may need in order to make the right decision for your business.

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