EDI Solutions for Manufacturers – Electronic Data Interchange

The increasing competition we are noticing globally makes it so that the rules of the game need to be changed as you go along. Manufacturers no longer rely on maintaining low prices, high quality and on-time delivery. Manufacturers are monitoring and operating with extensive stocks, generating a high number or products, negotiating with many suppliers and maintaining a multitude of high quality standards. Informing and integrating business partenrs in the supply chain has become a crucial factor in maintaining an optimal and efficient collaboration.

In order to meet the needs and expectations of manufacturing companies we launched a suite of innovative solutions:

Integrating Business to Business (B2B) solutions

They help optimize product launches, automate the warehouse supplying process, manage electronic payments and ultimately they offer great visibility within the supply chain.

EDI-integrated solutions – electronic data interchange – for retailers / chain stores

The possibility to exchange financial and trading documents (orders, invoices, advance ship notices, confirmations) with retailers, based on the full automation of processes for both partners.

WebEDI with the traditional market (wholesale)

The webEDI portal for wholesale enables small- and medium-sized companies to implement EDI, offering them the possibility to exchange financial and trading documents (ordes, invoices, advance ship notices, delivery times, carrier route instructions, inspection reports), as well as to create online messages, to send updated prices or product catalogues to stores.

Electronic invoicing and archiving

Paperless invoicing and archiving for each entity in the supply chain in order to cut back on operational costs (between retailers, wholesalers, logistics service providers, banks).

Integrated suppliers (supplying  raw materials)

‘Integrated suppliers’ is a concept that helps improve the supply chain segment between manufacturers and their suppliers of ingredients, raw materials and packing materials. IT solutions allow information to be shared to both parts in order to take action regarding costs, quantities and scheduling delivery and production in order to streamline the manufacturing process.

Catalogue services

These services enable the synchronization of information regarding business partners (product catalogue, price information, product information, partner information).

Mobile Sales Force Automation

Creating orders, the real-time ability to check stocks, prices and crediting, registering sales and updated client information or long-time managing of manufacturer employees.

Real-time electronic reporting

The need to provision and plan using the EDIconnect platform (payments, stock report, centralized sales information from all trading partners, sales reports, sales forecasts).

Digital promoting

Promotes your brand’s notoriousness, improves a certain brand’s image or that of certain services or prodcuts, and influences the consumer’s behaviour in retail.

Our team is at your disposal with any other details you may need in order to make the right decision for your business.

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