EDI Solutions for Distributors – Electronic Data Interchange

The wholesale distribution industry is generating strategic investments in regards to the implementation of new IT technologies in order to better the cost recovery processes that selling companies have.

B2B Integrations (B2B)

Automating business processes enable a fully automated order – payment process.

Integrating EDI with suppliers

The possibility to exchange financial and trading documents (orders, invoices, advance ship notices, confirmations) while having a configured client code, to access products and prices in current catalogues, based on the full automation of processes for both partners.

webEDI with stores

The webEDI portals for the stores with which distributors work enable small businesses to integrate EDI and offer the possibility to exchange financial and trading documents ((ordes, invoices, advance ship notices, delivery times, carrier route instructions, inspection reports), as well as to create online messages, to send updated prices or product catalogues to stores.

Electronic invoicing and archiving

Integrating electronic invoicing and archiving between distributor and its suppliers.

SFA solutions integration (automating the sales force)

The possibility to integrate and connect the wholesaler’s trading system with the supplier’s SFA system in order to provide an automated business process, improve the clients’ response rate, in order to reduce the risk of having zero stocks, and to improve marketing performance and promotional activities.

 Real-time electronic reporting

Sending real-time information to the suppliers’ systems in order to improve demand forecast, planning, launching new products, improving performance, increasing end-customer satisfaction and consequently increasing sales for both parties.


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