EDI promotes traceability

There are some industries whose main concern is the safety of the items they promote, such as the pharma and the food industries. There are lots of measures they need to undertake in order to ensure that what the consumers receive is safe and will not cause any health problems.

These companies can keep track of all their perishable items with the help of an EDI software. The food and pharmaceutical industries can remain traceable and safe with the help of the handy EDI solutions that are offered today by EDI providers.

Source: http://traceabilitytraining.food.gov.uk/module7/images/mod7_2.jpg

In their business, pharmaceutical and food manufacturers generally revolve around four goals. Let us look at what these manufacturers are looking to accomplish whenever they do business:

  • They want to cut back on waste and be efficient. In both these two industries, storage is essential because if items are kept in inappropriate conditions, they can cause serious health issues or in the case of pharmaceutical items, they can lose their effectiveness.
  • They want to maintain great levels of customer satisfaction. However, customers need to feel assured that what they purchase will not harm them.
  • They want to offer great availability to their customers. Brick-and-mortar establishments need to always have high level of stocks readily available to customers, in order to maintain great customer satisfaction and a competitive edge on the market. Costumers want to buy items that have traveled safely and that are available to them at the lowest costs on the market.
  • Lastly, for manufacturers all is lost without traceability. The supply chain needs to be transparent and to work like a well-oiled machine. You need to be able to know at all times what route the item took from its very conception to its being purchased by a customer. Traceability is all the more important nowadays considering that the supply chain has gained a global quality.

Traceability has long been an option. It has been available for centuries and more recently, in the pre-PC era, it was done with pencil on paper. Ever since people traded with one another, the information related to that specific transaction was jotted down and put away safely for future use.

However, paper was never that reliable. It is very perishable and requires great efforts in order to file it and to handle it. As soon as computers appeared, it became easier to find the information you needed and to safely store documents. However, there was still room for improvement. In the beginning, EDI systems were sluggish and cumbersome. Nonetheless, the technology has advanced and traceability is now more achievable than ever.

The cloud has had a role to play in this technological advancement and has given EDI systems a push. This means that all the data of your supply chain is safer and more accessible than ever. To this extent, there are also hybrid EDI systems or non-cloud-based ones that offer the same capabilities and tremendous transparency in the supply chain.

The pharmaceutical and food industries and now more equipped than ever to trace all their data, while remaining competitive and efficient.

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