EDI products

The benefits of using EDI solutions

Cost reduction

Considerable direct and indirect financial cutbacks.

Saving precious time

A tremendous reduction of needed work time.


      Eliminating errors caused by document handling.

Real-time reporting

Increased reporting performance.

Optimizing stocks

Complete and fast information regarding inventory reports, optimizing sales.


Real-time reporting

Increased reporting performance.

EDIconnect solutions

The EDIconnect platform is, generally speaking, a B2B solution based on EDI technology, that sustains the integration, synchronization, collaboration and electronic interchange of trading/financial documents (purchase orders, advance ship notices, invoices) between trading partners.

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The main challenges faced when implementing electronic archiving appear in connection with the legal requirements revolving around the need to ensure data integrity, authenticity and accessibility. However you look at it, the EDIconnect Archive solution is an all-inclusive one.

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