EDI for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has been relying on the use of EDI for over 40 years. The effortless running of today’s car production lines is only possible due to the flawless exchange of business documents between car manufacturers and their supply chain.

EDI supports these processes by offering a fast and efficient way to transfer important documents.

The JIT and Lean manufacturing processes are worthy to be relied on because they give you the possibility of seeing inventory levels and  being notified when shipments are due to arrive at the production line.

For the automotive industry to function properly worldwide, it is necessary for car manufacturers to get their suppliers up to date immediately, regardless of where they are based. Many car manufacturers have established a manufacturing presence in Eastern Europe, Brazil and China, for example. Therefore, a flawless exchange of EDI documents is of the essence. Since low-cost or emerging markets generally have limited ICT skills, it is important for car manufacturers to be able to provide accessible EDI tools that allow even the smallest suppliers to take part in the electronic trading process.

Seeing that the automotive industry has an ubiquitous presence across the globe,  various communications and document standards are existent today, together with several regional EDI networks.

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