About us

We own one of the main EDI solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, offering solutions according to international EDI standards. We focus on data processing, enabling you to make better decisions by automating business processes.

The EDI (electronic data interchange) solutions we offer are implemented with Europe’s greatest store chains: Metro, Dedeman, Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan, Mega Image, bauMax, Billa, Brico Depot, Cora, Kaufland, Penny Market, OBI, Praktiker, Real, Hornbach, XXXLutz, Slef, Selgros, Rewe, Conforama and many more.

This way, through direct and interchange connections, we manage to offer quick EDI connections – with great up-time too.


About Direct Consulting & Advertising

Direct Consulting & Advertising was founded in 2003 and operates in :
– web portals: www.trade-romania.ro;
– email marketing services: www.campaignsender.ro;
– hosting services: www.directhosting.ro;
– online and web development strategy services;

– management consulting services.

About GXS

– GXS is the global leader in offering EDI solutions;
– Around 600.000 companies are happy with the services provided by GXS, with approximately 2,000 new organizations joining in each month;
– Approximately 50% of GXS revenues come from the United States, while the remaining half is generated outside the US, being administered in the Tokyo, Lonon, Honk Kong and Sao Paolo offices;
– Over 12,000 employees worldwide, with a turnover of $1.8 billion;
– The main offered services are: B2B integrations, EDI services, real-time traceability of exchanged messages.

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