4 debunked myths about EDI

For over forty years now, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) keeps growing in popularity among companies who want to gain overall profitability and become more efficient in their operations. Financial services, tech, healthcare and retail industries all are relying now on EDI for their daily tasks and transactions.

Source: https://www.designingdigitally.com/sites/default/files/Gamification%20Myths%20and%20Misunderstandings.jpg

The list of benefits that EDI brings to the table is long and it does not even begin to prove how beneficial it would be for your company. It gives you transparency over every possible transaction, as well as a higher degree of control and opportunity to make decisions in a timelier manner.

In spite of all the proven benefits, there are is still a great number of organizations which would rather stick to the familiar path taken a long time ago, instead of switching to something new and more up-to-date. This only happens because there are certain rumors being flung around concerning EDI that are based on misunderstandings and incomplete information. We are here to debunk all these myths, as follows:

Myth no. 1: Your Data Is Not Secure with EDI

Chances are that your company’s foundation is built on important data. And when this data ends up on the wrong hands, chaos ensues. This concern continues to grow and is justified by the fact that data breaches are a real issue nowadays.

However, there is no need to fret all that much, since EDI is a really secure technology that successfully combats these types of threats.

If you choose to implement EDI, know that most EDI providers will provide you with all these security tools:

  • Username and password;
  • Data that enters your company is subjected to authorization verification in order to verify the sender’s identity and their registration with your VAN. What’s more, their digital certificate is also authenticated;
  • While traveling on the internet, this EDI data is encrypted and it can only be read by partners who have matching complex algorithms;
  • Apart from all this, you also operate with digital certificates and electronic signatures that strengthen this data security.
Myth no. 2: EDI would cost too much to implement

What a lot of companies fear is that EDI might be too expensive to implement, being a luxury for the privileged few. What is actually wrong is that a lot of EDI providers don’t use a pricing offer that benefits every type of customer. We actually provide pricing plans that not also suit your needs, but also your budget, while also offering high-quality services.

Myth no. 3: EDI Is Not Compatible With Other Systems

This is the most far-fetched urban legend there is about EDI. This is its entire point, it is meant to integrate with as many software packages as possible. EDI is meant to boost productivity, not hinder it by being exclusive.

Myth no. 4: EDI Is Way Too Complex

OK, this one is partially true, it does have a certain degree of complexity, but not as you would think it does.

People tend to focus on the negative aspects of what it means to be complex, but the beauty of a complex technology is that it is tremendously capable and can handle a myriad of similarly complex processes.

However, users shouldn’t experience this degree of complicatedness. This is all in the power of your EDI provider. You know your provider is worth your while if they make the process easy to implement and user-friendly every step of the way.

This is what we do. We take the load off of your shoulders, in exchange of some relevant information that helps us do our best to help your company break new productivity grounds.

If you’d like to find out more on what an EDI integration can do for your company, don’t hesitate to give us call and together we can find the solution that best fits your budget and your needs.

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