3 debunked rumors regarding digital transformation

Rumors and urban myths exist concerning almost every possible aspect of our life. Someone says something, has no facts to back it up, but the information is made to sound so compelling that eventually other people pick up on it and spread it throughout their communities.

Source: http://now.tufts.edu/sites/default/files/111012_ask_rumor_L.jpg

The same is true of the enterprise environment. Many of these rumors are now, of course, adapted to the digital era we live in and are connected to digital transformation: everything from what it implies, to how its implementation takes place or how it actually transforms your company. However, rumors are nothing more than rumors and can eventually become harmful for your company. Below we will elaborate on the rumors you need to avoid in order for your company to succeed with its business plans:


Rumor 1: Digital transformation is redundant in our field of work

A common rumor is one that has been spread specifically because the concept was misunderstood – when people think of ’digital transformation’, they isolate the ’digital’ part, considering that it only concerns tech companies.

This could not be further from the truth. There are plenty of industries that can benefit greatly from a digital transformation. One of them happens to be the pharmaceutical industry, where someone thinking of a digital transformation would expect radical, cutting-edge technological improvements that can actual save lives. Although these are desirable at any time, digital transformation is actually leveraged through EDI systems, managing to eliminate cumbersome bureaucracy – having that out of the way can save lives too, by speeding up processes, reducing waiting times and not to mention, the amount of errors occured in the paperwork.


Rumor 2: Digital transformation is not a priority right now

As with any other aspects of life, some people have the tendency to hesitate too much before embarking on a new journey. They feel they do not currently have the time, money or resources to undergo something as earth shattering as a digital transformation.

What they fail to see is that precisely with such an investment you would boost your business, getting back your initial investment and more. Think about it! EDI systems help you lower your document processing costs by up to 35% simply by eliminating paper-associated costs, as a first improvement. What is more, you get to save a lot of time, by gaining shorter business cycles – the sooner you ship your orders, the sooner you stabilize your cashflows.


Rumor 3: You don’t need more than one solution to achieve digital transformation

Somehow the meaning of digital transformation was severely misconstrued – to the point that most people assume one solution implementation to be enough. But after you implement this single solution, you are not going to magically be digitally transformed.

A true digital transformation means that it has impacted the way your processes and operations run. It is a drastic change that will undoubtedly reflect in your performance – it never leaves things as they were before. You will notice tremendous improvements in  aspects such as productivity, efficiency and cost saving.


As you can see, these are rumors which don’t belong in the business environment – they have the potential to impair your company’s growth. Hopefully, this beginner’s guide to debunking myths and rumors has been helpful. If you’d like to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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